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BoomTisch® An extremely compact drum kit that sounds and plays great. Handmade with double bass drum, snare, hi-hat, and toms. Due to the unique properties, this drum kit has a great sound. And because of its striking appearance, the BoomTisch® is an eye-catcher, especially on stage.

Its compact dimensions make it ideal for smaller spaces. Equipped with "Silent" heads and cymbals, the kit is virtually silent. Stored in the flight case, it is out of sight and ready for transport. The BoomTisch® is made for drummers by a drummer with years of experience (40+). BoomTisch®

Audio fragment BoomTisch®.


Bass drum

Each bass drum has a separate chamber with bass reflex. As a result, there is virtually no crosstalk with the other bass drum or drums/snare. The bass reflex of the BoomTisch® gives a unique sound; a deep punch.

Snare drum

Although the 8 inch snare drum does not have a bottom skin, the shell is made of metal, which gives the snare a tight, crisp sound. With the help of a special string tensioner, the strings are placed under the batter head.


The BoomTisch® has 2 toms (6 and 10 inches). This can be expanded with 1 single tom or 2 toms. Due to the flat arrangement of the toms (each tom is at the same height compared to the other toms) and the small distance between the toms, fast licks can be played. The link with Marching Timptoms is quickly made.


The hi-hat is part of the BoomTisch® itself. The hi-hat can be retracted and extended. The strength of the hi-hat spring is adjustable. With a double bass drum, the hi-hat comes standard with a so-called clutch, which means that a closed hi-hat and a double bass drum can be played simultaneously.


The BoomTisch® has 2 integrated rods. These are interchangeable with the standard drum racks of, for example, Gribraltar®. The advantage of this is that several clamps (clamps) can be attached. A cymbal or percussion holder can be placed on a clamp. Thus, the combination possibilities of drafting are almost limitless.


Different sets of cymbals are available for the BoomTisch®. The different cymbal sets are shown in the configurator. In the setup (Paiste) shown, the hi-hat Swiss Hats are 10 inches. Splash 10 inch Alpa. Crash/Ride Sound Formula Hi-Hat 14 inch Top Cymbal. Ride Sound Formula Hi-Hat 14 inch Bottom Cymbal. And a 16 inch Chinese Custom.


A special flight case has been developed to transport the BoomTisch®. The complete BoomTisch® including cymbals, extra toms and stool fit in the flight case. The flight case has 4 rotating wheels and 4 handles and can be closed with a padlock. The flight case fits in a small car.

Direct Drive pedals

Direct Drive bass drum pedals are integrated as standard in the BoomTisch®. The pedals are direct in drive and response. The stiffness of the pedal is adjustable. On request it is possible to design the pedal as a longboard.


The BoomTisch® is made by hand. Only natural sustainable materials are used. Every step in the production process is closely monitored. Because it is handmade, specific requirements and wishes can also be met.

Double Bass drum


The BoomTisch® features a double bass drum. Each bass drum has its own room. As a result, crosstalk from and to the other drums is negligible.

The unique sound of the bass drums is created by the specific placement of the bass reflex in the room with a small round opening at the top right next to the bass drum.

The bass reflex ensures that despite the small size (13 inch) of the bass drum, a solid punch is delivered. A lighter 1 meter away from the BoomTisch® at the height of the small curve is blown out by 1 kick on a bass drum pedal.

Angled rims? Yes that's right. The rims of the two bass drums are slightly out of alignment. This is done to bring the beater relatively closer to the head. This makes the stop relatively shorter and therefore faster. Every bit helps.

Audio fragment bass drum.

Snare drum


The BoomTisch®'s built-in snare drum is 8 inches without a bottom head.

Using a special snare-tensioning mechanism, the strings are placed against the head. The attack and response is surprisingly fast with a high attack.

The metal shell of the snare drum is about 6 inches deep. The snare drum also has its own room just like the bass drums. With which annoying crosstalk to and from other toms and bass drums is negligible.

Due to the metal shell and the small size, a sharp snare drum is developed.

Audio fragment snare drum.



The BoomTisch®'s two standard built-in toms are 6 and 8 inches. Both toms have a shell of USA Maple 6ply, six layers of Maple.

Both toms come out in the same room. There are so-called vent holes on both sides of the BoomTisch®, which improve the sound.

Even though the toms seem on the small side, they really do make enough noise.

An additional 12 inch tom can be attached to the BoomTisch®. An extension of two toms is also possible. The sizes are then 12 and 13 inches."

Audio fragment toms.



The built-in hi-hat can be retracted for transport. With the double bass drum version, the hi-hat is pulled out so far that there is room for a bass drum pedal.

The height of the hi-hat is adjustable. The hi-hat can be fitted with normal 14 inch cymbals, but a smaller size is also possible.

The strength of the hi-hat spring is also adjustable to obtain the desired response.


Due to the double bass drum version, the hi-hat has a so-called clutch. This allows the hi-hat cymbals to remain closed without having to press the hi-hat pedal. This allows you to play the hi-hat at the same time as the double bass drums.



The BoomTisch® comes standard with two drum racks. These are placed on the side of the bass drum.

The rack is compatible with, for example, Gibraltar® and other brands. Several clamps can be attached.

For example, a cymbal tree can be attached to a clamp. Percussion instruments (cow-bell etc) can also be secured to the BoomTisch® in this way.

By using the rack and various clamps, the drum mmer has the most extensive options for making a layout of your own choice.



In the setup (Paiste) shown, the hi-hat Swiss Hats are 10 inches. Splash 10 inch Alpa. Crash/Ride Sound Formula Hi-Hat 14 inch Top Cymbal. Ride Sound Formula Hi-Hat 14 inch Bottom Cymbal. And a 16 inch Chinese Custom.

With a small drum set, a relatively small cymbal set is of course the best. But every drummer has his/her own thoughts on that.

Murat Diril can supply a microkit cymbal set especially for the BoomTisch®. Murat Diril supplies handmade cymbals of a great quality.

The set includes the following cymbals: splash 8 inch, splash 10 inch, hi-hat 12 inch, crash 12 inch, crash/ride 14 inch, ride 16 inch and a 14 inch china.

Silent cymbal sets are available for practice, such as the Millenium Still Series or Zildjian L80 Low Volume.

With this type of cymbals in combination with silent drum heads you can play anywhere without causing noise nuisance.



The entire BoomTisch® including stands, cymbals and stool fits in the flight case. The flight case is equipped with wheels, handles and can be closed.

The cymbals can be attached to the bottom of the flight case and secured with a rotary knob.


This is followed by a layer of plastic to protect the basins, the stands are placed on top of the basins and the cover bottom is then secured with a rotary knob.

Then the BoomTisch® is placed on top of it, the lid is put on and the BoomTisch® is ready for transport.

BoomTisch® BoomTisch® BoomTisch® BoomTisch® BoomTisch® BoomTisch®

Direct Drive pedals


Direct-drive pedals have a solid bridge between the footboard and beater.

This ensures a perfect connection throughout the stroke, without the risk of bending or yielding that can occur with chains or belts. This leads to more response, power and control.

Both bass drums are equipped with a direct drive. In addition, each pedal is equipped with two ball bearings and there is a tensioner with which the response of the pedal can be adjusted, from weak to strong.



The BoomTisch® is made by hand. Only sustainable materials are used.

The BoomTisch® is made of PowerpleX Bio. This is a plywood sheet material that contains organic glue, which is free of toxic and carcinogenic substances such as formaldehyde and can even be composted (FSC certified).

The boards are sawn to size, milled and permanently glued with wood glue.

The hardware is purchased in Europe. The BoomTisch® is assembled with the utmost precision and care.Every BoomTisch® must meet the highest quality and durability requirements. Each kit is tuned, thoroughly tested and played before delivery.

Every step in the production process is closely monitored. This guarantees a high quality.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The BoomTisch® is a handmade compact full drum set. The drum set contains 2x a bass drum (with bass reflex) with two folding pedals, a snare drum with metal shell, 3 standard toms, a folding hi-hat and 3x a cybal boom stand. Due to its limited size, the BoomTisch® also fits in small spaces and is extremely compact. Set up, the drum set fits on 1 square meter.

It has been specially developed with an emphasis on compactness, without compromising the sound. Everything is on and on the BoomTisch®. Thanks to the wheels, it can be moved quickly and stored in the flight case, it is ready for transport. The drum set is set up within fifteen minutes. Putting it back in the flight case is just as fast.

Due to the unique properties it sounds like a full drum kit with real punch kicks (bass reflex) and a crispy snare (metal). The toms have a natural deep sound. Equipped with "Silent" heads and cymbals, the kit is virtually noiseless and it is possible to study in the living room without disturbing neighbors. The BoomTisch® is constructed in such a way that audio recordings can be made with only 4 microphones, resulting in studio quality.

Only through this website. The BoomTisch® is handcrafted and made to order. To place an order click on the "ORDER" button and then on "Click here for order form". The BoomTisch® can be put together according to your wishes using the Configurator. Take into account a delivery time of at least 6 weeks.

Each kit is made by hand and quality is paramount. The average delivery time is at least 6 weeks from the time of order.

The BoomTisch is available from 2,650 euros. For a complete price, please refer to the configurator. Prices include VAT.

The 2 bass drums are 13 inches. The snare drum is 8 inches. The toms are 6, 10 and 12 inches.

The BoomTisch® is 60 high, 45 deep and wide in centimeters. Including the unfolded hi-hat and bass pedals, the depth and width is approximately 15 centimeters extra. Other dimensions in consultation.

Simple answer: no. The BoomTisch® is standard equipped with Direct Drive pedals. Optionally, a longboard version is possible. There is also a choice of various types of beaters.

The BoomTisch® is available in any RAL colour. You can also choose from drum coverings or drum coverings such as Diamond, Glitter, etc. Various types of veneer are also available. These can be finished with lacquer or polish. This can be indicated in the order form.

Using the configurator you can indicate whether the BoomTisch® should be build right-handed or left-handed.

The BoomTisch® is made by hand and can therefore be delivered especially at height. Using the Configurator one can choose it's height.

Delivery costs in the Netherlands are determined by courier. An international carrier is used for orders outside the Netherlands. The shipping costs are for your own account. We look for the cheapest possible solution regarding shipping.